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Literature Force 45 You Should Know

After the force Balai Pustaka famous for romances always ended sadly, emerging class of new poets who began to rebel, do not want another set-set common rules Library. Subsequently came the Force 45.

Literary works in this generation he does reflection of life in those days, filled with political upheaval, social, and cultural. His name is also newly independent, definitely more excited really! A sort of school children was not allowed to have it suddenly entered college, ngekost, could be free this and that. Uh, no kesindir, huh? Kwuk!

NYUNYU want to discuss five famous literary works of that generation. Many times you just can ngebantu fit helps to answer the question again UTS or UAS Indonesian. His name is also a business.

Mixed roar of Dust

Headlines like ya same soap opera time to time past. Roar and dust. Well roar Mixed Dust was written by Anwar. Mixed roar of Dust is a collection of poems written by him and a battering ram during this time of Indonesian literature that usually smells Malay. While Anwar use the Indonesian daily, so much more alive and feel 'jiwa' her. This is one of the poems in the roar Mixed Dust:


If it comes my time
'My wish is not a' right to woo
Not you

Needless to snivel it

I'm a beast bitch
From the herd wasted

Let the bullets penetrated my skin
I still inflamed crashing

Luka and I can take running
Until missing poignant fairy

And there will be more no matter

I want to live a thousand years


This literary work is the work of Achadiat K. Mihardja, publisher and leader of the Age Wave magazine during the revolution are still in turmoil. New in 1948 his name sticking through this work.

Weve really does a phenomenal title. Until now no atheists issue in Indonesia is still very, very sensitive. The story regarding Hasan, who was born in a very religious family and finally met Rusli, his friend when working in the city, who openly admitted he was an atheist. Rusli had a view towards Marxism against capitalist, shook the faith Hasan who still think very traditionally. Not to mention the issue of love for Hasan to Kartini, a friend Rusli, who according to Hasan is the result of capitalist cruelty. Kartini was forced to marry the moneylender so that parents no longer live in debt. The more hate Hasan against capitalism. Hasan then was so unstable, no religion, no religion too baseball. Finally, Hasan lives ended tragically.

Well, for those who want to know how complete, can search for books flea markets. Still frequently encountered anyway. Do not because of the title atheist so do not want to read the book, try to see how the human inner turmoil can make people lose their lives. Serious NYUNYU really yes. INDEPENDENT! Kwuk!


It is the work of Pramoedya Ananta Toer, written in 1950 during his in prison getting an award from the Central Library. After that, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer has always been the center of discussion even today.

The hunt is on his day so the talk really tells the story of a failed uprising against Japanese PETA. Oh yes, this fiction ya know! Just the story weve described the events of that era. Pramoedya was one of the authors highly productive and could not stop writing. If it does certainly not favorites NYUNYU Night Market. There had never read any of the works of Pramoedya? Gosh. NYUNYU here's the sad reply.

Tiger! Tiger!

Is the work of Mochtar Lubis in 1975 and written dipublikasiin fit him in prison. Well, this is actually a novel Mochtar response to the perennial leadership of President Sukarno. The story is about seven people collecting resin lost in the woods and then attacked by a tiger. But eventually they rescued a charismatic leader. Although the novel was praised, according to scholars A. TEEUW, the message in this novel too forced.

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